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Dual HI

THE FASTEST SPEED the 3rd Generation HIFU for FACE & BODY
Now, users are finding new concept of HIFU since current HIFU machines are specializing only face lifting and tightening.
“DUAL HI” is available face lifting and tightening as well as body fat reduction by “High Peak Power” Equipped with dual transducer.
Compared with existed cartridges, “DUAL HI Cartridges”
Enable to reduce treatment time because Dual transducer (two transducers) are activated at the same time.

The 3rd Generation HIFU:
• Equipped with Dual transducers.
• Create a series of two coagulations at the same time.
• Reduce treatment time.

 FACE Lifting & Tightening
Face Cartridges (1.5mm / 3.0mm / 4.5mm) can maximize the effectiveness of face lifting and tightening through the customization of frequency (MHZ) to focal depth.
Also, Non-ablative skin tightening and lifting technology provide the prospect of reduction of wrinkles and skin saggnig with minimal down time, discomfort and risk of adverse events. 

• Forehead.
• Eyebrow lifting.
• Nasolabial fold.
• Neck skin tightening.
• Double chin.
• Cheek. 

BODY slimming & contouring
As well being able to destroy fat cell, Body cartridges (6.5mm /9.5mm /13mm) designed for fat reduction and body contouring deliver “high beak power” effectively in to targeted subcutaneous at. Moreover, since body cartridges (2MHz, 3MHz) generate wider and stronger focused ultrasound energy, customers are satisfied with the results of fat reduction and body contouring.

• Brest-up
• Flanks
• Abdomen
• Tight (outer)
• Forearm
• Hip-up
• Tight (inner)