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FGM is a company that is known in the market for developing quality, technological and

scientifically approved products to generate innovative solutions for odontology applications.

Pioneer in the manufacturing and leader in sales of dental whiteners in Brazil and in Latin America,

FGM is presently a reference in the international odontology market, manufacturing more than

300 articles, including whiteners, adhesives, composites, cements, desensitizers, sealants,

fiberglass posts, finishing and polishing materials, accessories, implants and bone graft.

FGM’s products have transformed millions of smiles in Brazil and in more than 100 other countries

in America, Africa, Asia y Oceania and Europe. For spreading its presence, the company has

invested continuously in Research and Development, maintaining a close relationship with

respected universities and renowned research centers with excellen reputation both nationally as

well as internationally.

FGM’s commitment is to offer more safety and practicality for the dentist to guarantee more

tranquility and well-being for the patient by means of products that have been providing effective

and surprising results in the most different areas of odontology.